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The City had adopted the Form Base Code back in 2011 in which Laguna Boulevard within the Entertainment District was planned to have parking on the East side of the street with eleven (11) foot travel lanes and would also have an elevated ten (10) foot sidewalk on the West side of the street with five (5) foot tree wells spaced forty (40) feet apart (Concept 1A).

As the City continued to pursue in improving the street final plans were created in September 2016 within the Entertainment Center which proposed to improve Laguna Boulevard with eleven (11) foot travel lanes and would have an elevated eight (8) foot shared use path on the West side of the street.

As the City saw a greater need to improve the street, additional planning was done to include the entire length of the street. In addition the City initiated in 2017 a comprehensive approach to assess all City streets through the Master Thoroughfare Plan which was finalized in October 2018 of which Laguna Boulevard was ranked number one. The initial 2019 concept was to improve upon previous concepts and provide wider lanes, improve the drainage and improve all intersections and at the same time incorporate low impact development so the City can become more resilient (Concept 1B).

Included in all designs:

1. Six (6) inch high Curb and Gutter

on West Side

or; Valley Gutter were not possible

2. Drainage

a. Along Laguna Boulevard

b. Pipe Crossing(s) at every Intersection

3. Widen every intersection (32’ B-B)

Various concepts include"

    • Form Based Code Vision

(Entertainment District)

- 30’ B-B With Parking on

East Side

- 10’ Wide Sidewalk with

5’ Tree wells space 40’

    • Master Thoroughfare

LAGUNA BLVD Update 2021-JUNE.pptx
Laguna Blvd 100 Percent Plans.pdf

Laguna Boulevard Project Plans

Laguna council update 10.12.22.pptx

Laguna Boulevard Project update October 2022

Laguna Blvd Update 12.20.22 Website.pdf

Drainage Improvement update December 2022